Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 - What to Expect?

It is only days, not even week, left for the unveiling of Samsung's 2013 flagship - the Galaxy S4.

As 14th of March nears, it is raising expectations and tmeperatures - and rumors as well. What we should be expecting is almost rumored but we may be surprised too.

Some of the predictable rumors which may come true are as under:

Eye Tracking: This is the latest of all rumors. While reading a site, as your eyes near the bottom of the screen, the site is rumored to scroll down with the movement of your eyes. This is attributed to the Galaxy S4's camera  that would watch your eyes as you read articles on the web, and scroll down automatically when it sensed your eyeballs had reached the bottom of the page.

Faster Processor:
Well by now much has been said about a beefier processor that the S4 is going to have than the S3 - the 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, up from the 1.4 GHz quad-core processor on the S3. 
But most importantly  the S4 is going to be the first smartphone with an 8-core processor, that is likely to outwit all other smartphones of S4 range.

Bigger Display: The almost 5" is a huge display if it turns out to be so. While the S3 have a 4.8 inches measured diagonally, the Galaxy S4 seems to be having a 5.0-inch display, a "full HD" resolution of 1920 x 1080, or 440 pixels per inch (higher ppi is better, though perhaps only to a point).

Camera: The S4 camera is rumored to 13 megapixels - a quantum jump from the standard 8 megapixel cameras so far. However, a news about the quality of the picture quality recently was quite disturbing. Samsung must ensure a better quality picture, otherwise 13 megapixels will be just a publicity gimmick.

Well Samsung lovers hope not to be disappointed and would very much want the rumors to come true or even better that predicted and gossiped. We wait on for just another five days when all rumors come to an end.

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