Friday, December 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 - smartphone with 1080p edge to edge Display

Although nothing much is known about the next Galaxy S series smartphone by Samsung, but it seems very likely that the successor of S3 is going to have a bigger display - an edge to edge 1080p display. This simply sounds great and a big Wow!!

The information trickling out is making sense for a laser keyboard and an adroid 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Where would this leave Apple's iPhone 5 is another story, but when this mighty smartphone hits the market, which is much sooner than later next year, it is surely going to hurt apple and all those who have decided to stik on to a stereo type iPhone with no innovations and same design with a smaller screen.

And that is not all. The Galaxy S IV, which will be equipped not only with a quad-core processor, it will have a frequency of 2.0 MHz, and a Full HD-screen AMOLED, which According to our anonymous source, that will be called Grand AMOLED Display. We are not prepared to undertake if they are. In addition, Galaxy S4 can provide a new system of text input, reports the Russian blog rozetked.

And for people like me who are also obssessed with photography, there is a 13 mega pixel camera for me to take photos much crsipy and clearer than I could with S3 or for that matter with any other smartphone, including iPhone 5.

Read more about it at: rozetked (You will need to translate it)

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