Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cyberattack Provocateur Identified

Sven Olaf Kamphuis of CyberBunker who is called the Prince of Spam is likely to be the suspect-provocateur of the biggest cyber attack of the history recently.

Although, Kamphuis, a Dutch national, has not been charged with any crime as he denies direct involvement. But because of his outspoken position in a loose federation of hackers, authorities in the Netherlands and several other countries are examining what role he or the Internet companies he runs played in snarling traffic on the Web this week.

Mr. Kamphuis’s current nemesis is Spamhaus, a group based in Geneva that fights Internet spam by publishing blacklists of alleged offenders. Clients of Spamhaus use the information to block annoying e-mails offering discount Viagra or financial windfalls. But Mr. Kamphuis and other critics call Spamhaus a censor that judges what is or isn't spam. Spamhaus acted, he wrote, “without any court verdict, just by blackmail of suppliers and Jew lies.”

Since the attacks, Mr. Kamphuis has given television interviews from what appeared to be an empty Internet cafe or office. In a Russian television interview, he suggested that the people responsible for the attacks were in countries where there were no laws against cyber attacks or no serious enforcement.

Mr. Kamphuis also continued to provoke people in Facebook postings. “The Internet is puking out a cancer, please stand by while it is being removed,” he wrote.

Read more about it at: The New York Times
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