derives its name from two important things: the Silicon Valley and the Buzzard.

Silicon Valley has been the hub of producing the silicon chips for everything digital - but now it has become  business centre of all technological giants on which technical and technological development and related business depends. In short anything related to technology has back links to the Silicon Valley. Since my blog is specific to technology, I have added Silicon to my domain name.

Buzzard is a high flying bird of prey that soars into the sky watching for its prey - preying by buzzard in my case is the technology or the technological hunt that takes place not only in the Silicon Valley but anywhere else in the word.

Thus Silicon Buzzard, founded 2012 recently, will bring to you all technology related news about gadgets, smartphones, gadget related market updates and everything that has technology infused in it, besides what is cooking up in CEO's minds.

We shall focus on on technology news, views and reviews about products/services from tech industry giants like the Microsoft and its many competitors like Apple and Google. We will also cover news and reviews about smartphones both iPhone and Android based and what goes on in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and like.

Team - Silicon Buzzard
Founder/Editor/Author: Jalal HB
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