Monday, April 13, 2015

A working computer smaller than a grain of rice

Miniaturization has no bounds and it has been the efforts of developers to come up with gadgets as tiny as a grain of rice and maybe someday even smaller.

And in the quest to make the smallest computer ever possible, here is Michigan Micro Mote, or simply called M3, is a complete computer system less that 5mm across.

Amazed - aren't you? Well I was. This tiny computer which gets its power from the ambient light around, thanks to the solar energy, had the capability to compute and invisibly monitor you and your house.

The M3 has a Phoenix processor which is minuscule at 915 x 915µm2, and boasts ultra-low operating voltage and a unique standby mode that results in an average power consumption of only 500pW. (Consider that 1pW is the average power consumption of a single human cell.)

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

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