Saturday, November 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Round - a new innovation in Smartphones

When Samsung announced earlier this year that they would come out with a smartphone with a flexible screen, many wondered how would that be. But with the emergence of Galaxy Round, it seems Samsung claimed something that could be done. 

The innovative Galaxy Round has a curved back - very negligible, but not flexible.  But it does give a good feeling when holding it in the curve of your palm.

The Round smartphone looks very much like the Galaxy Note III with a a 5.68-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED screen display. It has a leather pattern with faux stitching that makes it feel more premium than any other Samsung smartphone in recent years. The curve of the screen makes it much easier to read in direct sunlight.

Samsung has chosen not to adjust the interface of the Galaxy Round, everything seems the same as that of the Galaxy Note III. However, Samsung left out all S Pen functionality and apps, though you get 24 free apps from Korean operator SKT (thank you, exactly what we need: bloat and useless apps).

It’s the same old TouchWiz Nature UX running atop Android 4.3, like the Galaxy Note 3, making it one of the easiest and feature-packed device. Nevertheless, the interface hasn't completely remained the same as there are a few motion features, mainly to use with the curved design of the Galaxy Round.

The motion features are:
- View album list (a way to quickly retrieve all your photo albums and switch through them)
- View video chapter list (a way to see all the chapters, all while a video is playing)
- Ripple effect (a nice gimmick to show to family or friends, doesn't add anything)- Quick glance (this feature is already known, however, Samsung now uses the gyroscope sensor instead of the light sensor, letting you take a quick glance at time and notifications in a more economical way)
- Play previous / next track (if your screen is off, you can tilt your device to change the song being played at the moment)
- The camera on the Galaxy Round is the same sensor as the S4 and Note 3′s, meaning it’s one of the best Android cameras around. The maximum resolution is 4128×3096, though by default photos are taken at a resolution of 9.6-mega pixel.
However, this is not the last word in curved smartphone. We have LG's G Flex coming up soon with a curved OLED screen. LG has chosen to do a horizontal curve, where Samsung has made a vertical curve with the Galaxy Round. The major difference in the G Flex is the technology behind the screen and its casing – the G Flex can be bent into a totally flat device. This is something the Galaxy Round cannot do. 

Also, the screen of LG ‘s technology is more or less better – LG uses the screen itself as the top layer, while Samsung is still using glass on top. However, the resolution of Samsung’s Round is way higher than that of the G Flex (1080p vs 720p).

So it seems Samsung has a competitor right next corner and it remains to be seen how LG's G Flex can compete or beat Samsung's Round - in days to come.

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