Saturday, November 23, 2013

Apple Offers SIM-free iPhone 5s In The US

Apple's iPhone are the only competitors to Asian tech giant Samsung around the world.

One of the inhibiting factor why people generally prefer Samsung's Galaxy range is that these come SIM free and the user is free to choose a carrier for its services. While on the other hand iPhones come 'locked' and one has to sign a contract with the carrier companies to use these phones - which sometimes is expensive than the ordinary smartphones.

Realising the users' vows, Apple has finally decided to sell "SIM-free iPhone 5s' phones via their online store.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the price of the phones are significantly higher than on contract, and customers would have to pay $649 for the 16GB model, $749 for the 32GB model, and $849 for the 64GB model. 

However while the shipping times for carrier-locked iPhone 5s units are at 3-5 days, the SIM-free models have shipping times set at 1-2 weeks. So if you intend buying a SIM-free iPhone 5s, you’d be in for a relatively short wait. As stated on the website, these unlocked units have the model number A1533 and are only compatible with GSM networks.


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