Friday, November 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear price to slash by $50 in Canada on Black Friday

Good news for Canadians wanting to buy Samsung Galaxy Gear!!

If you are potential Galaxy Gear buyer, be happy to know that on Black Friday you will the Galaxy Gear at $50 less than the usual shelf price.

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung Canada has announced that it will be discounting the Galaxy Gear from $329.99 to $279.99 during Black Friday (November 29th – December 2nd) in the country.

It may be added that Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy S III and Note II will be receiving the Android 4.3 update from November 29th so that the 2012 flagships become compatible with the Galaxy Gear, while carrier Bell will be updating the Galaxy S4 and S4 mini to the newer version of Android from November 23rd.

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