Sunday, February 17, 2013

Galaxy S4 13 MP Camera picture quality is 'Awful'

The world is anxiously watching the 13 MP Samsung flagship for 2013 - the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is about to make its debut.

While we know it is going to feature a Exynos 5 Octa CPU and Adreno 320 GPU. But what makes it different from all other smartphones is its 13 mega pixel camera - something that made ripples when it was known that Samsung is exceeding the 8 MP barrier and going straight to 13 MP camera.

Photo supposedly take4n by Samsung Galaxy S4  13 Mega Pixel camera

However, a few photos that have been leaked on the internet and are attributed to the much awaited 13 mega pixel camera a re simply awful, in real sense, much to the dismay of many Samsung lovers.

If the photos that appear at Picasa Web Albums are really from the Samsung 13 MP camera, then one may abandon one's plans to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 if the choice is mainly based on its camera.

A review of the photos at Redmond Pie elaborates the quality of the S4 camera as under:
The leaked photo, allegedly taken via a Galaxy S IV, shows the backside of a tower-casing PC unit, presumably present in an office environment. When you examine the EXIF data for the said images, they appear to have been taken through a certain Samsung GT-I9505, suggesting that this can be the model number for an international version of the phone (going by Sammy’s nomenclature, anyway). The native capture resolution of 2322 x 4128 pixels also supports and strengthens the idea that the device can have a 13-megapixel shooter.
While the hardware appears to be OK, the picture quality is extremely poor. As you’d notice, the photo sample barely distinguishes the grill at the back of the computer, if at all. There’s evident noise (and significant, too), and even though the ISO value hints a sub-par lighting condition, it matches what you’d expect from a regular indoors environment. Considering this to be an actual indoor photo, I won’t be recommending the Galaxy S IV to anyone anytime soon.
As a Samsung lover myself, waiting for Galaxy S4 ardently, I do hope what appears is not true and Samsung  does not equip its users with this poor quality camera. And if it does, I am looking somewhere else.....

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