Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Galaxy S4 Screenshots Reveals Smart Features and Quad-Core Processor

It is only about a week left when the curtain will finally raise to unveil the Samsung flagship 2013 the Galaxy S4 smartphone on 14th March at New York.

But the heartbeats which have started to beat faster want to know more before the actual launch comes. And everywhere there is something which is pointing towards the S4.

Now we have the news based on screenshots from the flagship phone have emerged which show the main homescreen (and the same  TouchWiz UI), settings, device information, and much more.

The screenshots seemingly confirms the speculated/rumored specs of the device leaked over the months. To point out a few, according to the screenshots the device would feature a 5-inch full HD display (440 ppi!) and quad-core processor, which will apparently be clocked at around 1.8 GHz.

There’s no sign of Octa-Core processors in today’s leaked screenshots of the most anticipated smartphone of the year 2013. Also as expected, the screenshots reveal several pre-loaded Smart Features such as Smart Stay, Eye Pause, smart scroll etc.

That is it for the time being - hope to hear more gossips and rumors before the actual launch and then see how many of these come true.

Read more about it at: Chip Hazard


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