Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Could this be the much awaited iWatch?

The suspense and long silence by Apple about its iWatch which is supposed to be out sometime now has let the designers' days and night being used up in coming up with a possible design of the would-be iWatch.

In previous at Silicon Buzzard, few designs have been shown based on designers' innovative minds. But since the news have broken that Apple has applied for patenting a strap-like gadget, the thought direction seems to have taken a new turn.

Now we have something more progragmatic-traditional design that surfaces at MacUser.

In a recent post at Mail Online, the new design seems to be based on ideas that appeared on MacUser magazine.

The design comes from 3D artist Martin Hajek who has  created the mock ups - although admits it has no inside information on what the final product will actually look like.

The evolved concept uses a more ‘traditional’ approach by using for instance a ‘normal’ leather watch strap. By doing so this concept is closer to reality than many other iWatch concepts out there. Add to that a design language which is carried forward from the current iPhone 5′s design to make the concept seem more credible.

'We worked with 3D artist Martin Hajek to conceive, design and construct a plausible Apple watch,' said Adam Banks, Editor in Chief of MacUser magazine.
'The brief we gave ourselves was that it had to feel like something we could actually imagine buying from an Apple Store.
Well this is yet another attempt to create a mock-up of Apple's as-and-when future gadget iWatch. Till the time, the iWatch comes out or something concrete leaks out of Apple, such rumors, speculations and mock designs will continue to be made and we will keep you updated on this.

Read more about it at: Mail Online 


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