Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apple's iWatch patent with a flexible touchscreen and a 'slap wrap strap' revealed

There have been manya speculation over the past so many months as to how Apple's iWatch would like.

In one of Silicon Buzzard's earlier post, we published a few 'guess-work' designs by various designers, amid tidal wave of speculating the design of the iWatch.

However, with the apple's patent application that has been published today, the cat is out of the sack, revealing Apple's technology for a 'wearable accessory device.'

The innovative design of the Apple's iWatch include a flexible touchscreen LED to display messages from and input data to an iPhone or iPad. Apple also reveals innovative plans for powering the device, including solar panels and wristwatch like 'kinetic' technology.

However, despite the patent's being made public, the exact design has still been kept secret as the patent only shows a outline sketch of the strap around a wrist.

The patent describes the iWatch as:
'A wearable video device ... comprising: a flexible substrate having a flat state and a curled state [and] a flexible display disposed upon a first surface of the flexible substrate.'
Read more about it at: Mail Online


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