Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to have Battery Saving Screen Technology and Floating Touch Input [Rumor]

We have had countless rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 so far. From its processor to its screen size, and from its looks to its camera results - much has been rumored and shared.

Now let us talk of one more rumor - which is about its scree: Well the fresh rumor says that Samsung Galaxy S4 woill have a battery-saving screen technology and floating touch input.

In response to SamMobile, an inside source says that the Galaxy S4 will use a new form of AMOLED show called "inexperienced PHOLED," which relies on phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes, therefore the acronym.

PHOLED makes use of phosphorescence as an alternative of fluorescent gentle like traditional OLED displays, making it significantly extra energy efficient. In accordance with SamMobile, PHOLED displays are 25 p.c higher at consuming power, which means less battery drain.

The technology has so far been implemented in displays that use PHOLED for one or two of the red, green or blue light spectrums. PHOLED would cover the green-yellow spectrum, lowering the display's power need.

Well that is the one that I came across at Apps and Technology. If you have something more and other than already shared at Silicon Buzzard, do let me know.

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