Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Open Sesame - and Unlock your house with a touch of your HAND

Advancement in science and technology has wonders for man - now you may not have to fumble throught many keys in your key chain to pick up your main door key to unlock your main door to enter your house.

You only touch the door - and say 'Open Sesame' - and the door opens - though saying Open Sesame is optional!!

Yes this is possible now - thanks to an incredible new invention that could make house keys a thing of the past. The device known as BodyCom uses your body as part of a secure authentication process to digitally unlock your door.

The device uses the body as a wire to transmit an unlock code from a digitally signed fob in the user's pocket to a touch pad on whatever needs to be accessed.

But future versions could make use of individuals' unique personal conductivity to determine whether they are authorized users.

An Italian company is already incorporating the BodyCom system in motorcycle helmets to ensure that riders can't ride off bare-headed, a spokesman for the company told MIT Technology Review.

Developed by Microchip Technology, the Chandler, an Arizona-based company, needs no batteries, since all the current needed to power the fob is transmitted through the user's own flesh and blood from the base station.

It could be used to unlock doors, safes and vehicles, or alternatively used to activate power tools, computer systems and even firearms.

Microchip Technology say it could even be used for profile management on computer games or a system to allow your pets through the cat flap while keeping out intruders.

Watch the video below of this most innovative and futuristic tech device which will be a common 'opening device' of the future - SOON

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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