Monday, March 28, 2016

Apple's iPhone 7 likely to have curved glass case

There have been speculations once that Samsung will unleash its flagship with a curved screen. Well that did not happen but this time apple is likely to come up with its new flagship iPhone 7 with curved glass case.

Although for Apple too it is an old story - something that surfaced in 2013. But now rumors are getting stronger as apple is said to have revisited its patent application for a 'curved glass case' made from 'scratch resistant' liquid metal.

New iPhone is also set to feature OLED screens, which are thinner and offer better picture quality. As reported by the Daily Mail, the design - made from Bulk Amorphous Alloy, which is a mix of titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium melted together - is said to have the smooth texture of glass and the rigid sturdiness of rubber.

It is also reported that the new iPhone 7 will have almost double the battery life - something that all mobile users long for.

Read 'How would Apple make its curved glass case' and more at: The Daily Mail

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