Friday, April 8, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 submerged into water for sixteen hours - see what happened thereafter

The drop test or water test is one of the favourite hobby of the mobile phone geeks, specially when it comes to flagship phones of the major manufacturing companies. I saw a test of Samsung and Apple left to freeze in ice and the both mobiles seemed to be working.

Now here is a water test for the Samsung Galaxy S7 which remained submerged into a glass of water for good about sixteen hours. Although, the test is very basic as submerging a phone inside a glass of water does not have weight of water over it as in case it drops into a pond. But nevertheless, the test is interesting and better be watched in a video shared at YouTube.

What happened to the phone after sixteen hours? Did it die or still worked? Well let me keep the suspense and you watch the video below to the end and see what happened to Samsung Galaxy S7!!

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