Sunday, March 20, 2016

This man's motorbike gives him 300 miles for just one litre of WATER

Fuel has been a major worry for the car and bike owners - specially in poor countries. Although hybrid solutions provide some relief when plying at lower speeds, but these do not have an answer at higher speeds or on the long journey.

But perhaps we have a solution - a cheap one: Running machines on water. Yes, a Brazilian has found an easy way out which gives him 300 miles of running on his motorbike from one litre of WATER. How does he do it is simply amazing, using a little bit of knowledge from his son's chemistry book.

Watch the video of this amazing feat below:

Motorbike Runs On Water
This motorbike can travel over 300 miles on just 1 liter of water
Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We may soon find this technology in cars too - if the car producers have the guts to come up with solutions that rely less on ordinary fuel.

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Motorbike runs on water !! This is unbelievable. I would like have this type of bike. I would like to say to scientists for using this technology in cars. Thanks For Sharing this important information.

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