Thursday, December 17, 2015

Meet Lily - the throw and shoot companion

Small drone copters have made inroads to the individuals and photography enthusiasts who would like to take4 along these miniature sized drones for their outdoor endeavours. And the developments continue for more robust and easy to operate and fly machines when outdoors. 

The controlling gadget

Here comes Lily: the first throw-and-shoot camera copter that may bring revolution to individuals wanting clear and crisp videos and still of their outdoor activities and adventures. The gadget seems perfect for hikers, mountain climbers, rowing boaters and much more.

I came across Lily on YouTube and would like my adventure seekers to take along this small gadget and bring back loads of memorable videos and still for their later viewing and showing their adventures to their family. 

Crisp videos and stills
Watch the video below:

Try this action packed gadget for its available for a very affordable price for now as a promotional deal - later the price may even double when it would be commercially sold.

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