Friday, December 18, 2015

Firmware Updates: Galaxy J5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung has piled up a large armada of its flagships over the past few years - and undoubtedly most of these are very popular among the category of users these are intended for. However, the large number also makes it difficult for the company to provide them updates as new OS are introduced.

So what happens is that older models keep getting ditched and newer models become privileged to receive the new capsules of OS updates.

On 17 December, Samsung has issued a comprehensive timetable of updating of the firmware of its many models, including the latest  Galaxy J5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S6 edge, beside some older models.

So just go to the Samsung Firmware Section and see if your model and country is listed or otherwise. You may wait for the firmware update to be installed automatically when connected to wi-fi, or can download from the firmware section.

See a list of Galaxy models shortlisted for updates here.

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