Friday, December 18, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 128GB Winter Edition released

The winter has already set in and one loves to find comfy places to raise the body temperature to beat the cold. While one may do so near a fireplace or a heater, here is a gadget hot enough to beat the cold: The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with 128 GB memory.

The latest edition of Galaxy Note 5 will be available after 18 days, though, as reported by Samsung official press release.

As per the press release, Galaxy Note 5 Winter Special Edition is released through SKT and KT. It will come in popular gold platinum and silver titanium colours. Chulgoga is ₩ 999,900. Consumers can find a 128GB products at a special price ₩ 34,100 plus a 64GB price.

That means the new Note 5 will be available after the new year has already set in - this is somewhat disappointing as the new arrival will not lighten up your Christmas or New Year holidays.


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