Saturday, January 4, 2014

Samsung Galaxay NX Mini: Samsung's Affordable version of Galaxay NX camera

Samsung that unveiled its mirror less camera Samsung Galaxy NX last year is reported to have applied for a trademark registration with the USPTO U.S. for a Galaxy NX mini camera.

Registration Form Source

The registration application shows (above) that Samsung may have plans under the name "NX Mini '- in other words, there is possible a compact (even more compact?) Version of Samsung's Galaxy NX camera in the pipeline.

The application for registration was filed immediately after Christmas, and perhaps this indicates that it will not be long before we encounter these Galaxy NX Mini in practice so long - possibly even at the  Consumer Electronics Show , next week in Las Vegas starts.

So all camera lovers, specially those interested in Samsung cameras may get ready for a new affordable Android based camera that may hit the markets in 2014.

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