Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is Samsung up to a New Wearable Device in 2014

Samsung that finally launched the Galaxy Gear 2 - something that overtake the Apple's quest to come up with iWatch or whatever - is not up to an other wearable device.

It is being speculated that Samsung may announce such a wearable device, which many believe will be better than the Galaxy Gear 2, at the CES next week.

Recently, Samsung UK has posted an image that shows the Galaxy Gear on the left and an empty space on the right, as shown below, boasting the Galaxy Gear’s launch in 2013 on one hand, while asking “what’s next” just below the empty space.

On Twitter, Samsung has asked a question from its users/fans: “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?

Whether it is a teaser or a real thing, soon the clouds of doubts will clear at CES. Already there have been leaks about Samsung Band - which may be the basis of something new Samsung is up to.

So while the cat is let out the question still remains open: “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?”


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