Monday, December 30, 2013

Google Glass prescription frame option priced from $99

Many have been wondering how much would the prescription lenses for Google Glass will cost.

Well the news is out that is from $99 and upward. This has been  confirmed - with Rochester Optical revealing early cost details ahead of pre-orders opening after CES 2014 next week. 

The company, which confirmed its prescription option for those wanting to use Google's wearable as their regular spectacles was due "in just a few weeks" courtesy of a questionnaire last week, will offer a number of packages that clip onto Glass rather than requiring it be dismantled and attached to a new headpiece, as Google's own system looks to involve.

Unlike the clear plastic "shield" that Google supplies with Glass - shown above - and which clips onto the nose-piece, it seems Rochester's solution will have at least the option of some type of framing. 

The company will offer a choice of "colour and style" Moore said; the questionnaire last week suggested colons could not only match the shades Google offers the Explorer Edition of Glass in today, but also extend to hues like pink, purple, yellow, or custom finishes.

Read details at: Slash Gear

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