Thursday, December 19, 2013

Enable Activation Lock by default on all iPhones - San Francisco district attorney orders Apple

George Gascón, San Francisco district attorney, has called on Apple to enable 'Activation Lock' feature by default on all iPhones - and requiring users to opt-out of the service rather than opting in. 

Gascón cites a recent survey of 313 San Franciscans which revealed that 79% of responding iPhone users had enabled Find My iPhone and Activation Lock.

It may be added for information that when Apple released iOS 7 earlier this year, one of the many new features covered at the keynote event was 'Activation Lock.' The feature is an addition to the existing Find My iPhone system that helps recover lost or stolen iOS devices. While Find My iPhone mainly focuses on locating tracking the missing device on a map, Activation Lock is designed to keep thieves from using stolen phones.

The report at 9TO5Mac adds that despite the ridiculously tiny sample size and geographical bias toward a tech-savvy citizenry, the San Francisco district attorney observes that this number is high enough to indicate that most users want the feature enabled, and Apple should automatically enable it on all new devices.

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