Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chinese designer creats high-speed train that NEVER STOPS

Overcrowded railway stations in China

China with its huge population mass faces severe difficulties at its crowded railway stations when the train arrives and the huge rush really makes it difficult for passengers to disembark as the embarking passengers are too eager to get in before the train has its doors shut. 

The conceptual train which never stops - while passengers wait in a pod in an elevated platform - reducing rush on the platform and making embarking/disembarking much too easy

In order to redress the issue and reduce the platform rush, Chinese designer Chen Jianjun has designed a high-speed train that never stops - yet it passengers are easily embarked and disembarked.

In this conceptual train, Passengers wait for the train inside a pod located on an elevated platform. As the train enters a station, the pod locks onto the roof at the front. Thereafter the passengers 'descend into the train' and the pod moves to the rear.

Scroll down for video

As for the People wanting to exit the train at the next station then climb into the pod. The pod detaches as it enters this stop, before collecting the next pod.

The concept thus ensures that rather than passengers waiting on a platform and filing through the train’s series of narrow doors, they wait in a pod above the tracks - keeping the platform empty and ensuring no one gets pushed over when the train arrives.

Watch the video below which is in Chinese, but according to a translated version, the designer explains that on a journey between Beijing and Guangzhou there can be up to 30 stops. If each stop takes approximately five minutes to drop off and pick up passengers, this adds an extra 2 hours and 30 minutes to the journey.

The Chinese trains are immensely crowded - with this concept  the passengers will be able to board the train much too easily as of day.

Read more about it at Mail Online

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