Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beware!! Your SIM Cards can be Hacked

We know that hackers can access your accounts and hack your blogs, websites or even Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But beware!!  a recent report shows that now SIM cards can also be hacked.

After three years of research, German cryptographer Karsten Nohl claims to have finally found encryption and software flaws that could affect millions of SIM cards, and open up another route on mobile phones for surveillance and fraud.

Nohl has been quoted as saying that his is the first hack of its kind in a decade, and comes after he and his team tested close to 1,000 SIM cards for vulnerabilities, exploited by simply sending a hidden SMS. The two-part flaw, based on an old security standard and badly configured code, could allow hackers to remotely infect a SIM with a virus that sends premium text messages (draining a mobile phone bill), surreptitiously re-direct and record calls, and — with the right combination of bugs — carry out payment system fraud.

In his study, Nohl says just under a quarter of all the SIM cards he tested could be hacked, but given that encryption standards vary widely between countries, he estimates an eighth of the world’s SIM cards could be vulnerable, or about half a billion mobile devices.

This should make us susceptible to hacked SIM unless some antidote is found sooner than before - lest our phones become part of millions Of hacked phones in times to come.

Read details at Forbes

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