Saturday, December 7, 2013

'Smart Bra' to help women from Unhealthy Eating

An ordinary bra will soon be a smart bra

We have had smartphones for long now on which almost all our daily conversations and even business depends.

But the 'smart' things are now going to have a further dimension to the name - we shall soon have 'smart-bras' for women to 'Reign In Unhealthy Eating.'

This amazing bra, still in the development stage at Microsoft can detect the wearer's mood, and prevent them from engaging in emotional eating (or eating for emotional reasons, like when we're stressed). The idea is to have a sensor-equipped bra detect your mood, and send a message to your smartphone if it thinks you're in danger of over eating.

The research is still in its early stages and a team of five scientists is working on this innovative project . In a small study, four women wore a bra that included a heart monitor, and other sensors to monitor skin conductance and movement. They also regularly recorded their mood on a smartphone app.

"This is the first study, that we are aware of, that makes use of wearable, mobile sensors for detecting emotions," the team wrote. "The bra form-factor was ideal because it allowed us to collect EKG [activity] near the heart."

One thing the researchers haven't tested yet is whether an alert informing you that you're in an overeating mood — which the paper describes as an "appropriately timed, personalized intervention" — will actually make much of a difference.

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