Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shoppers dash for Aldi's tablet selling for £79 in England

Shoppers inside Aldi in Tottenham High Road frantically buying the stores own version of the iPad
The people of England saw a great rush on the outlets of Aldi's today as shoppers rushed towards these stores to by Aldi's tablet for just £79.

For those who do not about Aldi's tablet, we may add for information that Aldi's Lifetab has been created with electronics firm Medion and it has just 8GB of storage – half that of Tesco’s tablet.

At one branch in Old Kent Road, South London, hundreds of people clambered to get hold of the tablet when they discovered there were only 12 gadgets left in the store. 

Although, Tesco has already enjoyed huge success with its low-priced Hudl tablet, which launched in September. But at £119, now it is no match to the Aldi's tablet for mere £79.

Experts said that while the quality of budget options might not compare with Apple’s original tablet computer, the affordability factor would lead to a rush of new sales.

Read more about it at: Mail Online

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