Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Google Glass Patent hits that it Can Track Your Gaze

There is much said about Google Glass, even though it is yet to be launched. But analysts and tech geeks with inquisitive eyes have found out much about the innovative gadgets from their close observation or from patents approved for Google Glass.

A similar patent hints that Google Glass can track your gaze!!

The idea behind this technology is for Google Glass to know exactly what’s grabbing wearer's attention by pinpointing what the user is looking at. It can also detect emotional responses by noticing pupil dilation as well, according to the patent.

The technology would work by sending information from the device’s first-person camera as well as eye tracking data to a server that would in turn tell Google Glass exactly where the user is looking in a particular scene. 

The patent doesn't specify if this is a feature that could be turned off, or if it requires the camera to be on at all times. The filing also doesn't mention Google Glass specifically, but references a “head mounted device.” 

Read more about it Here

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