Thursday, August 15, 2013

Download Latest Google Play Store App Version 4.3.11

Here is good news for those interested in Google Play Station App for their smartphones!!

Just a week or so following the release of version 4.3.10, the Big G is rolling out Google Play Store 4.3.11. The version number states, the updates therein are relatively incremental. 

The new version is said to have resolved the nagging Package File Invalid error. Aside from that, however, the rest of the changes mainly pertain general bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Although your device should see an OTA update to the new Play Store app in the near future, there’s no telling when exactly that will be. But  if you cannot hold on to the that, and would like to check out version 4.3.11 right now, you can do so by downloading via the link provided below.

Download Google Play Store App version 4.3.11 from here.


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