Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boost Up your Brain with tDCS headset - the 9 Volt Battery Brain

When talking of tech and innovation, I often say that these two things are limitless - you think of something extreme, novel or unique and be rest assured someone out there has already developed it or is in the process of doing so.

But if such things do not come to your mind and you think you are a slow thinker, you do not have to worry about it at all as here is something that can boost your mind or in more tech terms 'OVERCLOCK' your mind and boost your thinking and reactions - and so your reflexes.

Extreme Tech reports that the first brain-boosting tDCS headset has finally received FCC approval and will begin shipping in the next few days. 

Dubbed the Foc.us, the headset jolts your prefrontal cortex with electricity, improving your focus, reaction time, and ability to learn new skills. The Foc.us is being targeted at gamers looking to improve their skillz, but tDCS has the potential to improve — or more accurately to overclock — almost every aspect of your life.

Well if you have not heard of tDCS before - it stands for transcranial direct current stimulation. Transcranial simply means that the direct current (i.e. from a battery rather than the AC mains) is passed across a region of your brain. 

In the case of the Foc.us, the direct current passes between the cathode and anode, which are placed over your prefrontal cortex. Basically, by pumping electrons into your brain, your neurons, which communicate via spikes of electricity, become more excitable. This means that they can fire more quickly, improving your reaction time. 

Furthermore, even when you remove the current, your neurons are imbued with additional neuroplasticity — in other words, they more readily make new connections, improving your ability to learn new skills.

The Foc.us headset costs $249 (£179), and is available in the US, UK, most other English-speaking countries, Russia, and the rest of continental Europe. Pre-orders are being shipped now, and new orders should be fulfilled in August. iOS users can use a free app to control the headset via Bluetooth (pictured above), while Android users are currently out of luck.

Read more about it at: Extreme Tech

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