Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 sets apartment on fire

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 sets apartment on fire

There have been many incidents related to Samsung's Galaxy S4 that was introduced this year with much fanfare. These usually relate to battery explosions, though Samsung refute such allegations.

And here is the latest: A Hong Kong resident while playing video game 'Love Machine' on Samsung Galaxy S4 had his device exploded. Panicking, he threw his device which landed on a sofa and set it on fire.

Mr. Du, the owner of the house and the Galaxy S4 hurriedly vacated the  apartment and called the fire brigade. But reportedly in the meantime the entire apartment had been burnt.

According to Mr.Du, the Galaxy S4 was equipped with a genuine Samsung battery pack and he always used a legitimate Samsung Charger to charge his device.

Let us now wait and see how Samsung reacts to this latest incident of battery explosion - and would Mr Du gets his gadget back or Samsung even pays him to repair his apartment.

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