Thursday, August 1, 2013

iPhone 5C’ May Have 8-Megapixel Camera Sensor [Leaked Images]

Ahead of the launch iPhone 5C - the cheaper version of Apple' iPhone 5, there are some news that may interest those holding on to buy the Apple's cheap version iPhone.

As per the leaked images, it has been concluded by the analysts that the iPhone 5C seems to have a 8-mega pixel camera.

The exposure of the suspected iPhone 5C camera reveals the sharp-eyed lens equipped with a blue glass - which sources say that the camera the same as the 8,000,000 pixel specifications.

And it seems that iPhone 5C will have almost the same size and shape except that its body will be made of plastic to make it a low cost smartphone. 

The plastic body iPhone 5C

According to the U.S. technology blog Business Insider citing Apple insiders, the name of the new cheaper iPhone is most likely to be iPhone 5S. For iPhone back in the letter C in the meaning of the, represents the "Colour" (color), which means it would be a full-color version of the iPhone 5.

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