Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Minute on Internet

Internet has become a part of our lives - and every second millions of users access the wonder world for leisure, pleasure or for their serious business work.

Two of the most sought and logged on social media networks that top all others are the Facebook and the YouTube.

In fact use of Facebook has become more of an addiction, obsession and a pastime rather than need. YouTube in the meantime provides you access with millions of new entries, videos of your favourite songs and even research clips.

But ever wondered what goes on on the internet in just 60 seconds - well if you haven't, look at the following graph and you will be amazed by the enormity of traffic that internet draws ever minute. 

The above infographic has been created by Cashback site Qmee that shows this information as well as how many tweets are sent, photos are viewed, Skype calls are made, domains are registered and more in 60 seconds. 

Amazed? Well read more about it at Mail Online

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