Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Mega Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 [Review]

Like all Samsung fans with a low budget, I too have been waiting for a word on Samsung Mega, which due to its 6.3 inch screen is really mega and affordable too – that is what expectations are.

Comparative Difference (left to right): Mega 6.3, Note 2 and Galaxy S4

I came across a review of Galaxy Mega at ubergizmo and here I am sharing some of its salient that would give Mega fans a fair idea as to how it would look like and what features it has that one can correlate with Galaxy S4.

Well Mega has many things common with S4 except the processor and the display type. S4 has Exynos 4412  quad processor while Mega has Snapdragon 400. The display makes a big difference between a simple LCD (1280x720 mega pixels) of Mega and Super AMOLED (1280x720 mega pixels) of S4. However, the good thing is that despite having a LCD scree, the display quality is reported to be excellent. Other than that I do not see much of a difference as both have same 8 mega pixel and 1.9 mega pixel front and rear cameras.

Now the big question: Can it be easily pocketed? Well that is something that should worry its users – but the reviewer says that it is pocket-able in jeans pants (Levis 501 W33L32) despite is impressive size. So if true, one can handle this mega thing with much ease.

Why have a 6.3 inch smartphone? Well it seems that the overall idea behind the Galaxy Mega is to produce a fully-featured smartphone that would get as close as possible from a “tablet experience” while still keeping a “phone” feel. 

Galaxy Mega and S4

So what is not good about Galaxy Mega? Well, it is not a 1080p display. It’s true that it won’t look as “sharp” as a Galaxy 4 would, but the display size makes the experience amazing, and with its 233 pixels per inch (ppi), it beats the pixel density of the iPad mini (163 ppi), the Nexus 7 (216 ppi), the Kindle Fire HD (216 ppi) and is just shy of the iPad 3’s  (264 ppi). That’s still very good by anyone’s standard.

Mega comes with latest Android OS 4.2.2 with a bigger and wide keyboard to punch in words easily and accurately.

Right now Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the best such device today. In fact its simply unchallenged in this new category of smartphones. And this makes it easier for me to go for it than Galaxy S4.

Read complete review at: ubergizmo
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