Thursday, April 11, 2013

Portable USB Flash Duplicator

We have heard of duplicating CDs/DVDs and once it was so common. However, with the advent of USBs, the data retention on CD/DVDs has become a thing of the past. Now this tiny device measuring just two inches holds enormous data that assists users to literally take their own computer around the world.

Like copying CD/DVDs, here is a gadgets that can copy USB flash drives much efficiently in o time.

This extremely useful gadget and portable USB duplicator has been introduced by StarTech which can duplicate two USB 2.0 USBs at a time.

In a addition to the USB flash drives, the StarTech portable USB flash duplicator can also work with hard drives, SD, SDHC, microSD, MMC, Mini SD, and CF memory cards or multimedia card readers.

Other hardware specifications include an integrated LCD display and LED indicators that inform you of the operating status and progress during the cloning or erasing process, and you can bring home this puppy for $212 a pop.

via UberGizmo
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