Thursday, April 11, 2013

Android App that Can Hack Aircraft's Transmission System

[Photo: Bugged]

Hackers are very innovative people - they can make everyone's head spin by their innovative, complicated and yet malicious ideas.

So far we have only been hearing of hackers hitting websites and security systems of organizations or even apps that could destroy data on smartphones.

But here is something that should raise alarm in the ears of those concerned with security of the aircraft transmission systems as recently an app has been demonstrated at the The Box conference which can seek out targets by infiltrating radio broadcasts between the aircraft and air traffic control, and then hijacking it by sending malicious messages to take over the plane.

Developed by Hugo Teso, a security consultant who happens to be a trained commercial pilot, the 'PlaneSpoilt' app can make an aircraft “dance to his tune” by hacking its flight management systems.

Although, the app is more of a proof of concept software, it is very unlikely that it would hit the app stores soon - but the mere fact such thing has been developed should a source of concern.

via UberGizmo
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