Monday, April 22, 2013

Apple's Next iDevice Expected to be Delayed

Apple is finding some difficulty in fielding its next iDevice and it is expected that the device may be delayed until Fall.

It has been reported that Apple has 'returned' EIGHT million iPhones to Foxconn apparently because the unites were not fit for sale, potentially costing the contract manufacturer north of $1 billion to make replacements.

iDownloadBlog, quoting Reuters, also reports that Apple won’t launch the iPhone 5S this summer because it is still trying out various coating materials in the hope of finding one that won’t interfere with the handset’s fingerprint sensor.

If this happens, Apple's business seems in jeopardy as further delays will not only disturb its commitments but will also have an adverse impact on its customers who have been waiting for Apple's next device since long. Reuters reports that indications of reduced shipments are ticking Apple’s suppliers off, as their own revenues depend on orders from Cupertino, California.

It may be noted that Apple shares closed the week below $400, a far cry from the September 2012 peak of $700+ a share and a new low for the firm since December 2011.

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