Monday, April 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Likely to have First Ever Plastic OLED Screen

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Samsung S4 came after lot of gossips, speculations and rumors. And when it did surface finally, many of the hearsay that were circulating the tech world came to be true.

Now it is the turn of Galaxy Note 3. Everyday we hear something new being 'added' to its would be feature.

The latest on Note 3 is that is likely to have a 5.99" display for its new phablet - well that is usual yo may say. Well yes, but there is more to it as per SamMobile: Samsung is to equip the Note III with the world's first plastic OLED screen. The plastic substrate will allow to company to make the whole device significantly thinner and lighter than the current handsets with glass substrate.

According to SamMobile source OLED Association, the SDC will utilize a plastic substrate with an LTPS active matrix and RGB patterned OLED.

Table 1 shows a comparison of the new Note 3 with the current Galaxy Note 2.

Comparison of LCD, OLED and UBP OLED

The Samsung next generation display is likely to be shown at IFA 2013 is September 2013. The device self will go on sale from Q4.

Stay tuned for more speculations and rumors about Galaxy Note III.

( via SamMobile | OLED Association  )
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