Saturday, March 16, 2013

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Patches New USB Hijack Bug

As already notified in our previous post that Microsoft will issue 'critical' updates for Windows/IE/Office, this Patch Tuesday (12 March), Microsoft repaired a real doozy: a vulnerability that allowed hackers to take control of a Windows machine with a simple USB-based program.

The bug was of a particularly malicious variety, since it was nearly impossible to spot and targeted the Windows kernel, which rests at the deepest and hardest-to-repair level of the operating system. Although the hijack required a malefactor to physically insert a USB into a victim's drive, it could supersede regular log in protocols.

This isn't the first USB hijack vulnerability to affect Windows. The Stuxnet cyberweapon that damaged Iran’s nuclear centrifuges in 2010 exploited Windows’ then-default setting to automatically run any application on a USB stick, a setting that was subsequently changed.

It may be added for information that Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of the month on which day Microsoft fixes for major bugs threatening Windows.

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