Friday, March 8, 2013

Microsoft to release 'critical' updates' for IE, Windows, Office March 12th

Microsoft has announced that it will release seven security updates next week for IE, Windows, Office SharePoint Server and the Silverlight media software.

As reported, four of these are critical to patch Internet Explorer (IE), Windows, Office, SharePoint Server and the Silverlight media software.

The four critical patches are Microsoft's highest threat rating, while the remainder will be labeled "important," the next step below critical.

It may be added that Microsoft averaged close to eight updates monthly throughout 2012, said Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, and the count thus far this year -- 8 in January, 12 in February, 7 in March -- is close, with a slightly higher average of 9.

The above said updates are likely to be released on March 12 at approximately 1 p.m. ET.

via CW


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