Friday, March 15, 2013

Galaxy S4 - Smartphone you can control WITHOUT touching

Apple must be feeling threatend after the launch of a highly techinical smartphone by Samsung last night.

The Galaxy S4 is laced with everything that a user would like to 'own' and have. although, the S3 users will not find it to be a bif WOW, but the fact is that the S4 has many features that make it stand tall above all its contemporaries.

Well let me see what are its compelling features:

For me the dual camera (13 mega pixel back and 2 mega pixel front) is something unique. You take a shot and whatever you were saying during shooting is recorded and when the picture is displayed you may listen to what you have said. So if you dont like a person whom you are shooting, dont say anthing for whic you have to feel sorry when the photo is later displayed.

The Camera application can now use both the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and can insert a picture of the photographer even as he or she is capturing the scene in front of them.

It also has an erase feature, which allows the phone to take several pictures of a subject, then create a composite of the images to remove an unwanted photobomber.

Although Galaxy S4 is slightly smaller than S3, it has a bigger full five inch 1080p screen that makes it users' choice to chat, take phots and make videos.


The smartphone has the ability to react to its owner's eyes and one can even operate the phone without touching it. If the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page.

However, this features falls short of the earlier speculations that the phone would be able to scroll automatically by tracking readers' eyes.

However, the user's eye contact with S4 matters a lot. When a video is playing the stream will automatically pause if the person looks away from the device and it will restart when the eyes come back to the screen.

Samsung has also made efforts to combat the issue of messy fingerprints, with a screen that now senses fingers hovering just above the screen, and applications that react.

Well these are some of the features that this smaller than S3 smartphone with 5-inch scree has in store for its would be users. We will update more in future posts.

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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