Friday, March 15, 2013

Biazarre Photos from Galaxy S4 Laucnh Event

The unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a big bang - a smartphone laced with high-end technology and wild features.

All eyes were fixed on various sites providing the live streaming of one of the greatest and well attended event of the year 2013.

While the launch show said everything about the S4, it also looked like a Broadway play instead of a traditional gadget launchiong press conference.

We could see a platoon of ladies wandering around on the stage of the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Even Broadway actor Will Chase served as the emcee.

The actors and performers talked about the Samsung flagship which many found amusing, while others found it to be a non-traditional unveiling approach.

Just to quote one of many instances, a man dressed as a hiker talked about why he would want to use it for travel and women danced on stage to find a new song with its Group Play feature, which lets you share and play the same songs on as many as eight devices at once. Just fast forward to 1:19 to get the full effect.

Find out more about the unpacked unveiling event's coverage and photos at Mashable

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