Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Microsoft to refresh Windows 8 app on Tuesday

Microsoft announced Monday that it would start pushing updated versions of several long-criticized Windows 8 apps, including Mail, Calendar and People, the "Modern"-style program for keeping track of contacts, to the Windows Store Tuesday.

Mail, Calendar and People run in the new "Modern" user interface (UI), formerly called "Metro," that's included in Windows 8 and the default UI of Windows RT, the limited-function edition designed for tablets and ARM processor-equipped notebooks and hybrids.

The announcement was expected: On Friday, Microsoft-centric blogs said that the refreshed apps were imminent.

The updates will officially launch Tuesday, although a Microsoft spokeswoman said they will appear "as early as this evening." Rather than rely on the familiar Windows Update service to download and install the apps, however, users must manually steer to the Windows Store from within Windows 8 or Windows RT, then click on the "Updates" link at the upper right, to retrieve the new versions.

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