Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Qi-based charging is not our future - says Samsung

One of the major feature of recently debuted Samsung Galaxy S4 has been its ability to charge wirelessly through the use of a special accessory case.

This wirelessly charging capability is based on the popular Qi or 'Chee' standard. Qi based charging in wirelsess product is the 'in-thing.'

But Samsung seems looking for future and not of present  That is why it plans to release products with native wireless charging capability based on a specification that offers multiple-device charging.

The spec, WiPower, is based on magnetic resonance charging, which offers a larger charging field.

"That's where the future is headed," said Michael Lin, a principal engineer at Samsung Electronics. "The use cases are just more compelling. That's why we've invested so much in developing it. We think it will address the charging needs of a much wider audience."

Samsung reportedly also plans to release a wireless charging Pad for the Galaxy S4. Samsung declined to comment on those reports.

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