Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Get Skype Credit for FREE 'Officially' For One Whole Month

Anything for free is always fascinating and eye catching - and when it comes to one whole month of free calls, it is really mouth watering and tempting.

With our long time associate Hotmail being upgraded to Skype with effect from 8th April, those who adopted the Skype earlier will be able to redeem a welcome gift that includes free calls on land lines and mobiles around the world - though in selected countries.

As a matter of fact, several users of messengers have already started to receive emails from the Messenger team regarding this Messenger to Skype transition, stating that April 8th would be the day when users might be required to upgrade to Skype  To further sweeten the deal, users residing from select countries in the Latin America will be able to make one month of free calls.

To get started with the upgrade process, simply sign-in to Skype (on PC) with your messenger account and then merge it with your existing Skype account. Simple as that! After the upgrade, you’ll be able to sign-in via Windows Live messenger.

Even though Microsoft’s Live messenger is no longer used or a necessity anymore, it’ll be great to manage two accounts from a single platform.

via Chip Hazard
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