Friday, February 22, 2013

NBC, Zendesk, Aspen Institute hit by High-Profile Hacks

Thursday night was a busy night for IT employees across America last night, as three major organizations — NBC, the Aspen Institute think tank and the customer-support specialist Zendesk — disclosed or found out that their systems had been hacked, reports Tech News.

The hacking news was first made by NBC, whose main website at was observed Thursday, 21 February to be harboring the RedKit browser exploit kit, which triggers drive-by downloads of malware onto vulnerable computers

While NBC is the best-known brand, the Zendesk hack may ultimately affect more people, as it turned out customer data belonging to Zendesk clients Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter had been stolen.

Users of each of those three social-media services should be on the alert for phishing emails pretending to come from Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter asking users for their account passwords.

However, it may be added that an NBC spokeswoman confirmed the hacks to Bloomberg News. All the affected sites were cleaned and back up Friday morning.

Read more about it at: Tech News


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