Friday, February 22, 2013

End of BBM with the launch of BlackBerry Z10 may erode BlackBerry’s standing in South African emerging market

It has been reported by Yahoo News that with the launch of BlackBerry's Z10 in South Africa, the local mobile operators will no longer offer unlimited BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM) after May 31st, just three months after the Z10 debuts in South Africa.

This decision is likely to hurt BlackBerry business in South Africa where BlackBerry accounts for 50% of the total smartphone market.

The decision of MTN and Vodacom to discontinue unlimited BBM service has already triggered some angry responses in South Africa.

Unlimited BBM has a unique role in emerging markets, where consumers often have strictly limited or no landline email access. It has become a pivotal middle-class electronic communications channel from South Africa to Nigeria to Indonesia to Malaysia. The big question now is how the revamp of the BBM service will be perceived in these markets.

Read more about it at: Yahoo News


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