Saturday, February 23, 2013

Facebook v5.5 For iOS Released - Free Calls Directly From App [Download Link]

Good news for Facebook users from their smartphones!!

The official Facebook app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has just been bumped up to version 5.5, and features, among other things, a brand-new button design which, it is claimed, makes it easier to comment, like and share posts in the News Feed. More details, as well as the download link, are coming up after the break.

The new button design isn't so due to vanity, rather to aid functionality. When you’re looking to quickly pass comment, share or like something which pops up on your News Feed, the new buttons make things just that little bit more streamlined.

Also in the offing the share button to repost stories from your News Feed, which is now available in multiple languages, and although it’s only a minor alteration, it lessens the potential for confusion.

The feature which allows you to call friends for free right from Facebook is also thrown into the mix, although is currently only available to those residing in the United States and Canada. Please note however, that while the calling feature is free, it is a VoIP service akin to Skype, so you will need an existing data plan in order to enjoy the service.

The download link to the universal app is provided below, although it’s likely – if you’re an active Facebook user – that you already have the app installed on your iOS device. In which case, navigate to the App Store app, and tap on the Update button in order to get your fill of Facebook version 5.5.

Mark Zuckerberg promised last year that Facebook would be more emphasis on the mobile scene, and ever since the emergence of version 5.0, Facebook has been, rather than a tiresome experience, the kind of app required to serve such a significant user base of over a billion users.

We’ve given the updated version a little test run on a couple of iOS devices, and it doesn’t appear as though there are any issues, so go ahead and update to / download Facebook 5.5.

(Download Link: Facebook for iOS on App Store)


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