Monday, January 7, 2013

It is time for Google Time

Well dont't take the caption of my post wrong as I have written exactly what this post is about: The Google Time on Google Watch.

Sometimes I just wonder how far the tech will stretch the imagination of those who invent new things. when I was a small boy, I could not tell time by reading the arms of the watch, so I used to think may be there will be a time when we would have watches with numbers instead of arms - and sure we had these.

As you pinch the screen, the current view zooms out in the centre as the homescreen snaps together. You may easily swipe left for more apps. Pinch and split back open to return to previous app view or simply select an app.

But I never thought of watches telling time and showing weather too. And here we are: The Google Smartwatches showing time in many ways, and telling us how the weather is going to be and how high or low the mercury will behave.


Maciburko acknowledges that a square watch allows more efficient use of the space for a wider number of applications. And he intends further developing on the square designs.

The watches have been designed by Adrian Maciburko, who has named his invention and creation 'Google Time' for it has been inspired by the Google concept. The Pebble E-Paper watch has been so supremely successful due to the high level of customization that it provides through the downloading of purpose built apps as well as coming with the ability to change what is displayed at any given time on the display.

This is something great - I wish they had added a phone into it too to make it a wholesome smart-watch.

May be the Apple's iWatch has all this into it. Who knows!!

[Source/Images: Maciburko ]

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